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White sandy beaches, tropical palm trees swaying, and a carefree vibe is what most people envision when they think of taking a cruise. When you think of a Disney Cruise you may think its overrun with children and like the small world ride on crack.

I will stop you right there and tell you a Disney Cruise is one of the BEST trips you will ever take. It has something for everyone and can be experienced all over Europe, Mexico, The Caribbean’s and more! Trust me I have been on almost 10!

Best time to visit

In my opinion there is no bad time per se to go on a Disney cruise it truly just depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you are looking for a “traditional” summer vacation, then May through August is a great time to visit the Caribbean Islands. Disney owns their own private island known as Castaway Cay. If you take a cruise out of Port Canaveral Flordia you will spend at least one day here. Prices tend to be higher at this time, as it is a very popular time to cruise. 

If price is an objective, then going off season you will experience less crowds and lower prices. You also are not limited to the Caribbean - Disney sails to Alaska, Canada, the California coast, Mexico, all over Europe such as Italy and Norway and more.

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What to Expect:

While on board you will charge your account to your Key to the World Card. It acts as your credit card for the entire trip. Once at $500 your linked credit card will be charged. You can also opt to a cash account where you can pay off by cash. Disney will accept USD, all major credit cards or Disney Dollars.  


All quick service restaurants and the main three dining restaurants are included in your cruise cost. The adult only restaurants Palo and Remy are an additional charge. Room Service is also included but it is customary to tip when the food is delivered.


If you fall ill or get injured at any point during your tip there is an onboard health center located on Deck 1 Forward. Its available 24/7 with trained doctors and nurses. Guest services and the gift shops also sell over the counter medications and bandages.


All plugs onboard are 110V/60Hz which is standard in North America. If you are traveling from another country, you would need to bring a convertor.


Each port of call will vary on currency accepted but most take major credit cards. If needed you may need to tender into each port which is a small ferry that takes you from the cruise ship to the port. The night before you arrive in a new port your stateroom host will leave a brochure with the main information.

Ports of Call

While onboard you will have the same dining server, assistant server and head server. Your room will also be cleaned by the same person the duration of your trip. You can either pre-pay your gratuities or pay them at the end. Disney does charge a standard rate per guest and per night. You can add additional tips or lower your tips by visiting guest services on board. If you visit an adult restaurant the gratuity is at your discretion. All Spa and Salon Services are a standard 18%.


List of Ports


Sailing to the Bahamas with Disney is a truly magical experience. The water is crystal clear, and it is home to many historical ports. It is also home to Disney’s private Island Castaway Cay. You can reach these ports by sailing from Galveston, Miami, Port Canaveral, New York, New Orleans, and San Juan - Puerto Rico.

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If you have ever wanted to visit the famous Bermuda Triangle now is your chance. Home to pink beaches, amazing coral reefs and world- class golf this is a fun destination for all. You can reach this destination from New York.

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The Caribbean is truly all encompassing, and you can visit, the eastern, western and southern parts. Home to world famous ports such as Barbados, Tortola and St. Thomas. If you remember from Pirates of the Caribbean, they visited the island of Tortuga. It was based on a real island that is a part of current day Haiti. These ports offer adventure, history and relaxation. You can reach these ports by sailing from Galveston, New Orleans, Miami, Port Canaveral, New York, and San Juan - Puerto Rico.

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Northern Europe

If you are looking to experience culture and grandeur then visiting Northern Europe is a must. With destinations such as England, Finland, Russia, Sweden and the Netherlands. You can see bustling historical cities and vast country sides. You can reach these ports by sailing from Dover – England and Copenhagen – Denmark.

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Northern Fjords

 If you loved Frozen then visiting its country of inspiration is a must. Norway is home to amazing fjords with picture perfect mountains and huge waterfalls. It is also home to some of the oldest churches in Europe. You can reach these ports by sailing from Copenhagen – Denmark and Dover – England.

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If you want sun and sand but to also experience European culture then the Mediterranean is for you. See places like Vatican City or the Coliseums, eat authentic Spanish cuisine or sip wine in the South of France. Visit the Greek Isles and see Pompeii in person. You can reach these ports by sailing from Barcelona – Spain and Civitavecchia (Rome) – Italy.

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British Isles

If you have ever wanted to ride a horse across the Scottish Highlands or visited the Cliffs of Moher then a trip through the British Isles is in order. Visit historic cities such as Dublin or London all while experiencing the magic of a Disney Cruise. You can reach these ports by sailing from Copenhagen – Denmark and Dover – England.

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Experience the “last frontier” and take a cruise through the glaciers of Alaska. See amazing wildlife up close such as bald eagles, bears and killer whales. With stops in Canada it is home to some of the most beautiful terrain in the world. You can reach this destination from the Vancouver port in Canada.

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Mexican Riviera

If your love of tacos wins out then visiting the Mexican Rivera is a great trip. With adventurous ports, amazing cuisine and beautiful waters it’s an accessible and great destination. You can reach this destination from San Diego.

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Pacific Coast

If you want to see an expansive view of the Pacific Coast this cruise is perfect for you. With stops in San Diego, San Francisco and Victoria you get a medley of destinations on a shorter trip. You can reach this destination from San Diego and Vancouver – Canada.

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Ohana means family and family means you need to visit the Hawaiian Islands. Home to some of the best surf and beaches in the world Hawaii is a destination everyone can enjoy. You can reach this destination from Honolulu and Vancouver – Canada. 

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Themed cruises

A Disney Cruise can be experienced all times of year and like the parks they get into the holiday spirit. With Halloween on the High Seas or Merrytime Christmas you can bring the magic of the park to sea. They also host specialty cruises for Star Wars and Marvel.

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