Vienna is known as town of artist and intellectuals and was home to Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud. It has ranked as the world’s most livable city, which is based off of safety, health, education, green movements, cost of living and a few other things. It has amazing architecture, imperial traditions and some of the best museums in the world. It’s been called the City of Music and the Imperial City due to the famous Viennese Waltz and impressive palaces. Ever heard of the Hapsburg family? Yep, they were from Vienna, known as the most influential and recognized royal house in Europe. This is a city that will welcome you with grace and charm so get out your Sunday best and explore the town! 

Vienna, Austria

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The dominant language is German but most will speak English.

Language Spoken

Hallo – Hello
Guten Morgen – Good Morning
Danke – Thank you
Bitte – Welcome
Sprechen Sie Englisch – Do you speak English?

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The Sigmund Freud Museum
Featured in A Dangerous Method

The Belvedere Walk
Featured in Woman in Gold

The Vienna State Opera
Featured in Mission Impossible

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Top 3 Hotels

A four-star hotel that with very affordable rates. It has its art gallery and is located in the heart of shopping. Many of the top-rated museums and galleries are within a ten minute walk from the hotel.

 The average rate per night starts at £123.

This hotel is extremely modern and chic with unique rooms and views. Its situated right in front of St. Stephen’s Cathedral and walking distance to Hofburg Imperial Castle, the Albertina museum and more.This is a five-star hotel that is amazingly priced!

The average rate starts at £192 per night.

Voted the best hotel in Vienna, the Hotel Imperial does not disappoint. You will feel like royalty here and be in the best location in town. Think marble everywhere and you can upgrade to have a butler! It was originally built in 1863 for Prince of Wurttemberg. Each room is different making every stay a new experience!

 The average rate starts at £330 per night.

Do & CO

Das Tyrol

hotel Imperial

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart would be my favorite mainly because his name is Wolfgang and that’s just freakin cool! It doesn’t hurt that he is also one of the most famous composers of all time! His compositions are instantly recognizable and all rank as classics. Fun fact he is also buried in Vienna and you can actually visit



Historical Figure

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Vienna is known for its pastries such as Apfelstrudel which is a strudel with apples. Another famous dish is Wiener schnitzel which is veal that has been coated in breadcrumbs and fried. 

If you are ballin on a budget and still wanting amazing food this place is it! Not only is it a great eatery but it’s also a destination within itself. By far the grandest café in Vienna it has served some of the greats from Trotsky to Freud. From amazing coffee and pastries to authentic Viennese dishes this is a great place to visit!

 Average price per meal is £20.

Cafe central

This is one of the coolest restaurants in Vienna! It’s a restaurant within a botanical hot house that overlooks the Burggarten gardens. You basically get to eat amazing food surrounded by gorgeous plants.

The average meal is £35 per person.

The Palmenhaus

If you are looking to splurge on an amazing meal this is the place. It’s a Michelin starred restaurant and all the cooking is done by the famous chef Wolfgang Zankl. They offer a small and large tasting menu which you can add wine pairings.

Prices start at £95 per person.

Pramerl & the Wolf

Top 3 Restaurants

Radetzky March 
by Joseph Roth

The World of Yesterday
by Stefan Zweig

Night Falls on the City
by Sarah Gainham


Vienna is on the Europlug or what is called a C & F socket. To avoid issues, you will need an adapter AND convertor! I would recommend BESTEK Universal it works in multiple destinations and has USB ports. I have been using it for a while and love it! Now all my ladies out there you will need a DIFFERENT adapter for your curling irons and straighteners. I know its extra money but trust me! I have blown out a few curling irons, it’s worth the extra money and luggage space. Conair has the best adapter for pretty much every country. Check it out here.


That everyone loves classical music is a misconception most people living in Vienna hate. While Vienna is home to some of the greatest composers of all time many people enjoy modern music and couldn’t tell you the difference between Bach and Mozart. 

Common Misconceptions

Vienna is a really safe city, but you still need to be careful. As a solo woman I have felt extremely safe travelling through, but I still always keep a close eye on my belongings. Pick pocketing can happen so be aware of where you set your bag and big crowds. For more information check here


I love Vienna during Christmas time, as they have some of the best Christmas markets. You can go to see shows, operas, and the city just looks magical. If you want to go during the warmer months May is a great time, as its warmer but not filled with tourist.

When to Visit 

Vienna is an elegant city and the locals dress accordingly. It’s rare in the summer to see people in shorts unless they are other tourist. Nicer jeans or a skirt is the way most people go and everyone will dress up for a nice dinner. 


Travel Tip

Other Tips 

Vienna is a part of the EU and is on the Euro. Vienna is a large city and you will have no problem using credit cards or finding an ATM.

Local Currency


If you stay near the city center it’s very easy to walk everywhere you need to go. If staying farther out they have trams and underground trains that can make getting around super easy! 


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Wifi is available at most locations for free but it will be limited. Depending on the length of your trip either add international to your plan or invest in a portable wifi. A company I use often is SkyRoam, they have very affordable rates!

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I have made tons of travel mistakes that were easily avoidable. Forgetting convertors, not packing properly, the list goes on. To make sure you avoid the same mistakes I have made I have complied a list of travel must haves. 

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