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Best Ziplining in the World

Costa Rica has some of the best ziplining in the world! Racing through the treetops, seeing the world below you, hearing nature all around you. Sound fun? Then you need to get your ass on a zipline! I love to experience adventurous things when travelling.  I can be somewhat of an adrenal junkie and love being able to see a new destination from a different vantage point. When I booked my guided trip with Tauck to Costa Rica I was beyond excited about the itinerary. One of the activities I most looked forward to was the ziplining!

We had two stops that would be featuring ziplining, one in Guanacaste at Vandara Adventure Park & Spa. The second stop was at Lake Arenal at the Sky Trek Adventure Park. Both locations offered something amazing and different.

Our first stop was in Guanacaste at Vandara Adventure Park, which is a beautiful location nestled in the jungle. It is about 45 minutes from Libera and can be accessed by car. This canopy tour or ziplining consisted of 11 different platforms. Each platform is set at a different height and has amazing views. As you zipline to each new platform you catch glimpses of tropical birds and exotic animals. 

You even zipline over the Tizate River which is gorgeous. This tour is different because you not only zipline to each platform but some you do walk to. The hike is over uneven ground and is somewhat long so make sure you are prepared for that. 

The park also features a water slide that is 400 meters long! After you zipline you can add this to your package to experience. You get to wear the funniest Tarzan looking diaper and slide all the way down into the pool below. Now I should probably explain why you have to wear a diaper. The slide is stone so a bathing suit will snag and tear. The cloth of the suit helps project you forward but be careful you seriously feel like you can pop out the side from the speed!

I only went once and that was good enough for me. A wedgie from a cloth diaper is just not the funniest thing I have ever done. Overall though the experience was amazing, and I had such a blast ziplining through the forest. If you are in Guanacaste and looking for somewhere to go, I would highly recommend the Vandara Adventure Park & Spa. 

Arenal Lake is located below Arenal Volcano, which until 2010 was one the most active volcanoes in the world. You ride an open gondola within Arenal is Sky Trek Adventure Park to an observation deck that features a lounge area. The sky tram is 4100 ft and the park includes 7 different cables. The longest cable is 2493 ft and the highest cable is 656 ft! The tour takes about 2.5 hours and has an altitude of 2460 ft. It’s an amazing course and you are right in the middle of the rain forest with views of Arenal Volcano and Lake. It was one of the best views I have ever seen while ziplining. It’s an affordable tour and is $81 per adult, $67 for students and $56 for kids. It’s a must do for anyone visiting in the area and is worth a side trip if you are not. 

Out of both parks, Sky Trek was my favorite to experience. The cables were not only longer but the views were breathtaking. I was so happy to be able to experience both parks and if I found myself in Costa Rica again, I wouldn’t hesitate to book either tour. Costa Rica truly does have some of the best ziplining in the world!

If you make the visit, drop a comment below and let me know how your experience was! Especially if you braved the water slide and the Tarzan diaper! 

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