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Prague Christmas Markets

Christmas is a magical time of year; the weather grows colder and there is snow!  The people are merry, decorations are hanging all around the neighborhood with festive lights. It’s the best. What better way to experience the holiday magic than to immerse yourself in it by attending a Christmas Market! Christmas is a feeling not just a day of the year. I typically spend holidays home in the US and finally I was able to experience my favorite holiday abroad and in a truly magical place: Prague. 

One of the best highlights of spending Christmas abroad was the Christmas Markets. These markets are most common in European countries such as Hungary, Germany, England, Denmark, Austria and more. 

Christmas Markets are a huge tradition in Europe and something you must at least see once!

Believe me, Prague has some of the best Christmas Markets in Europe.  I was lucky enough to experience the markets on Christmas Eve. Hundreds of others came to witness the beauty that are the Christmas Markets. 

The smells of chestnuts roasting, Kürtőskalács cooking, Christmas music playing was overwhelming to the senses in the best way! While roaming a Christmas Market near the Prague Castle I stumbled upon a toy cart. The local handmade and hand-painted toys were truly amazing!

I saw amazingly decorated squares with Christmas Trees and gingerbread houses.

The best part of the markets weren’t the decorations or the toys, it was something else entirely!

No trip is complete without trying the local food. One of the most common treats at most of the Christmas Markets are the Chimney Cakes, also known as Kürtőskalács. Chimney Cakes originate from Romania and are spit cakes. Spit cakes are made with sweet dough that rises and then are rolled out. The name comes from the process of wrapping the dough around a spit and they are then left to cook rotisserie style.

Once out of the oven, they’re then covered in cinnamon sugar…like nom! Due to the type of yeast used, it forms a crispy caramelized shell. They will then dust more sugar over it to finish it off.  Chimney Cakes are truly one of the best things I have eaten! (Have one served with ice cream, your taste buds will thank me, but not your waistline…)

If sweet food isn’t your favorite thing, they also have savory foods. They even have a delicious and unique take on pizza! Its called the Langoš or “poor mans pizza”. Imagine a light and flaky covered it in a ketchup and loaded with mozzarella cheese. It’s not the Italian classic, but trust me, it’s amazing!

The Prague Christmas Markets should most definitely be on your holiday travel to-do list. Spending the holidays in Europe is always a treat but visiting the markets will have you craving more adventure. 

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