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Visitng Stonehenge

If you have never heard of Stonehenge… I mean I don’t know how that would be possible. If by some chance you have seen the infamous photo of the standing stones and that’s all you know, your favorite historian is here to enlighten you. That historian is me; I am your favorite historian didn’t you remember??

Anyways…Stonehenge is the most well-known prehistoric monument. Think Outlander circle stone on steroids and beefed-up security. No way druids were doing sun salutations and 20th century nurses were falling back into the past. I digress – but seriously, the stones date back to 2500 BC. Years ago, we are talking late Neolithic period. Remember BC stands for Before Christ, so these things are OLD. They are also a complete mystery. 

Yep, you read that right nobody really knows where the hell they came from or why they are there. Most historians say that Stonehenge was built as a burial ground for the ancient city and that it took 1500 years to construct. That’s commitment I mean I can’t commit to things longer than 15 minutes…I kid…kind of. In all seriousness this was truly a feat of willpower the tools available were primitive at best and these stones are huge. It’s common knowledge that the pyramids and Great Wall killed many of the workers. I can only imagine that the same happened here. 

Now that I have you hooked on visiting, I mean some people aren’t super stoked to see standing rocks, but you should be. There are multiple ways you can visit either in a tour group or taking a day trip from a town nearby. I would recommend a tour group for two reasons. First you will get to see other things, I mean the stones are super cool but after an hour of looking I mean nothing changes if you catch my drift. Second you usually are getting a better entrance rate. Tour groups buy in bulk (think Costco) so they get the tickets on a major discount and that’s on period. (Shameless Tik Tok reference for those unaware…google it if need be, I can wait) 

You’re back! Good, now let me finish. Doing it through a group ensures you have more to see and do the rest of your day plus you are getting more bang for your buck. Also, tour groups get early access and you can beat the crowds. I would recommend using Mad Max tours and if you need reference, I did a full review on their tour here.

If you are still wanting to go it the solo way (you’re stubborn but, okay) the going entrance rate is currently £19 when purchased online or £21 when purchased upon arrival. Once you get a few good pictures you can spend time roaming the grounds. Now let me tell you a cautionary tale about a girl being chased off by a cow and getting lost…that girl is me just in case you needed clarity.

After visiting the stones, I wanted to explore the forest and I say forest loosely. There were other people walking through the path between trees, so I thought “why not”, I am an adventurer. I ended up walking through the cow field, I mean I have been on a farm and cows are usually friendly. “Why not take a picture” I thought. While taking said photo one cow saw through my vapid attempts at likes and chased me! I grabbed my tripod and ran, and if you haven’t been chased by a cow, you have no idea how bad it hurts your pride. Let’s just say he was lucky I don’t eat meat anymore… Plus a bunch of people saw and I am 99% sure they were laughing but I mean who knows I will tell myself they didn’t see…which is lie but let me live there. 

After the big chase scene with a sodden cow and the laughing witnesses, I ducked into the trees to walk back…enter diabolic music. Preoccupied with embarrassment, I didn’t pay attention to where I was going and ended up at a fork in the road like literally a freaking fork in the road. Watch the video for reference if you don’t believe me.

I didn’t know which way to go but I will save you the gruesome details I made it. Basically, I found a gate climbed it ended up in a field and saw people and cows. I avoided the cows and ran to the people. I then acted like everything was fine and that was my visit to Stonehenge. 

Visiting Stonehenge in person is worth the trip. I wouldn’t have that as an all-day activity by any means, but it defiantly deserves a stop! Comment and let me know if you visit Stonehenge and if you come across any cows! I would love to not be alone in that.

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