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Why London is My Favorite City

Everyone always ask me – “What is your favorite city?” I have to admit that’s a really hard question to answer. Every country and city I have been blessed to visit has something special that I love! If I really think hard though and HAD to pick one city, it would be…LONDON! You were probably expecting something like Paris or some tropical destination. Nope, I love England I literally based my whole Master’s thesis around it!

London has always been a city that feels like home away from home. Its rich in history, is centrally located to other destinations, has so much to do and the Queen lives there…jk, kind of. Anyways…my point is, London is magical and I have been obsessed since I was a kid! When I first read Harry Potter and knew that Kings Cross was an actual place, I wanted to visit. Then I became obsessed with the classics like Oliver Twist and Jane Austen, that fueled me to want to visit even more!

Once I made it to London it did not disappoint in the slightest. It honestly was a little overwhelming because there was so much to do and see! From pubs that date back to the 1500’s to the Tower of London it can be hard to know where to start. Check out my guide on the top ten things you have to do when you visit or how to spend three days in the city, if you need more information. 

Just walking the streets of London has become one of my favorite things to do when I visit. I love people watching, discovering new areas, seeing new restaurants or shops that have popped up and just the general vibe that is London. 

London has a magic feel that is inescapable

When you’re in London you cannot be bored, it’s just not possible! With new popup restaurants, speak easys and Harry Potter potions classes there is something here for everyone!

This is why it is my favorite city in the world and one I go back to visit as often as I can! 

I would love to know your favorite city or thoughts on this post. Make sure to drop your comments below!

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