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Filming Locations | Harry Potter Edition

Alright all my witches, wizards and muggles alike. Today I am breaking down some of the famous filming locations of Harry Potter that you can see in real life! As you know by now, I am a die-hard Potterhead, even have the tattoo to prove it! When I started travelling the world, I found myself drawn to places I had read about or seen in film. Harry Potter being such a big influence in my life I knew I wanted to see as many of the locations as I could! Now this list will include MOST of the film location ranging from England to Scotland. Warning in advance this will be a long post! It doesn’t even include all of the locations because there are so many! I admittedly have not been to all of the locations, but I have been to a good portion! 

Alright students , wands at the ready …. flick and swish …

We will start in the country that the book was based…jolly olde England

Alnwick Castle 

This location is located in Northumberland and is still an active castle. Meaning the family resides in the castle half of the year, the other half of the year it is open to the public and for tv/movie use. I toured this castle as a part of a guided tour and even took a flying broom class! Yep that’s right, myself and 30 other grown ass adults pretended to fly on brooms around the castle grounds! Was it insane well obviously, would I do it again…100 PERCENT! If you get to visit you need to enjoy some of the Harry Potter activities. 

Durham Cathedral

This location is located in Durham and is a 1000-year-old cathedral. It’s a great site to visit not just for Harry Potter but for its own history. 

Film: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban 

Scene: It was used for multiple exterior and interior shots for Hogwarts. They were later altered in production for the final castle you see on screen. 

Malham Cove

This location is located in Yorkshire Dales National Park. It’s a scenic place and a great stop to make while driving around England. 

Film: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part I 

Scene: Harry and Hermione set up camp on limestone pavement after Ron apparated.

Lacock Abbey

A beautiful abbey to tour through not only for Harry Potter but its history. I visited here as a part of a guided tour and was mesmerized by how gorgeous it was. Lacock is honestly a great location to visit in general you also have the house that served as the exterior of Harry’s parents house. As well has Horace Slughorns house!

Seven Sisters Country Park

It’s a beautiful cliff that is made entirely of chalk! Plus, its right on the England Channel, this is one to visit because I mean chalk…all chalk. 

Film: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Scene: This is when Harry is first introduced to a Portkey. He sees the boot and is extremely confused why everyone is so fascinated, when he then realizes it’s a magical transport, so the fascination was warranted.  

Hardwick Hall

This building was one of the first of its time to be constructed in Renaissance style, it was a way that the family flaunted their extreme wealth. Quite fitting really as to the type of scenes filmed here.

Film: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow I and II

Scene: Where are all my Slytherins at??! This one is for you, if you love the Malfoy family this location served as the Malfoy Mansion.  Remember the poor teacher who was eaten by Nagini? Yeah, that was Hardwick Hall…and I am just going to leave that there. 

Kings Cross Station

Located in London this is one of London’s most used train stations. It’s a great place to not only tour but if you need to get anywhere.  

Film: Every single one! 

Scene: This is a must see for any Potter fan! The most iconic scene shot here is the first time Harry discovers Platform 9 ¾ . He thought the Weasley family was bonkers for suggesting he had to run through a wall, but he did it and it worked. When you visit the lines can get really long for the trolley photo cart but it’s so much fun!

Millennium Bridge 

The Millennium Bridge is a suspension bridge and used daily to commute and travel around the city. You can walk across and see if you can spot a Death Eater.  

Film: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 

Scene: This “wobbly bridge” features a collapse in the opening of the film. Those poor souls were just walking to their soul crushing jobs, when BAM Death Eaters everywhere causing the bridge to collapse into the River Thames. I wonder, is that considered a natural disaster where you don’t have to go to work after??  

Leadenhall Market

This market has been around since 1881 and is one of the oldest and most beautiful Victorian markets in London. You can spend so much time here shopping, eating and waking around.  

Reptile House, London Zoo

Fun fact this zoo is the oldest in the world! Constructed in 1826, this 193 years old scientific zoo works towards rehabilitation of the animals. 

Film: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Scene: I have to say I love the scene filmed here because I loathed Dudley until book seven, just saying. Harry is trying to bond with a snake and Dudley rudely interrupts. Harry unknowingly makes the glass disappear setting the snake free, but oh not just any snake he freed Nagini! (Rowling did confirm in an interview that she was surprised people didn’t realize the snake was Nagini sooner.) Not only did he free his parent’s murders pet, but he learned he could talk to snakes. Quite the day Harry, quite the day. 

Harry Potter Studio London 

Located 20 minutes outside of the city it is one of the only permanent studio sets. The studio is still active but sound stages J and K are reserved for the Harry Potter Tour. 

Film: All of them! 

Scene: Countless iconic scenes were filmed at this studio ranging from the Dark Forest to Privet Drive and the Ministry of Magic.  It’s a full day tour that you must do I have done a full review here


New College Cloisters and Courtyard

Located in Oxford this college has been around since 1379! They offer a filming location tour that you can book for an in-depth experience. 

Film: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 

Scene: I loved Goblet of Fire, it’s one of my favorites of all eight! I mean you have a Twilight/Harry Potter crossover what else do you need? Back on topic Goblet of Fire used the cloisters of New College to shoot the hallways of Hogwarts. The scene where Harry is confronted with the “Potter stinks badges” was filmed in these hallways.  The courtyard was also used when Harry and Cedric discussed the dragon. Mad Eye Moody overheard and then as Malfoy taunted Harry, then he turned his ass into a ferret! Still one of my favorite scenes of the whole franchise! 

Duke Humphrey’s Library 

Located within Bodleian Library this is one of the main research libraries at the University of Oxford. You can pay to do a tour that is around £6 and 30 minutes long. 

Film: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Scene: Remember when Harry used his invisibility cloak for the first time? The famous scene filmed here was Harry in the restricted section of the Hogwarts Library. He dropped his lantern when the book he opened screamed at him. I mean it’s understandable if a book starts talking to me, it’s time to go!

The Divinity School

This location is also within the Bodleian Library. You can pay for access to only visit this location or pay for the full tour.  

Film: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire

Scene: It’s famous for being the backdrop of Hogwarts’ infirmary. My favorite scene filmed here is when Dumbledore told Hermione that Buckbeak could be saved. They used the time turner and POOF they went back to try all over. I would love one of these in real life by the way if anyone was interested…or not?

Bodley Tower Staircase 

This location is located inside of the Christ Church College. You do need to pay for admission to get in. 

Film: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets 

Scene: One of the most iconic scenes here was when Harry first arrives at Hogwarts and is looking around taking at all the magic. 

Christ Church Cloisters 

Also located in the Christ Church, they used the cloisters from this location as well. 

Film: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Scene: One of the best scenes from the first film happened here. Harry is telling Ron and Hermione he is now a seeker and then she shows him that it was “in his blood.” They go to the display case of James Potter Quidditch trophy… I mean this is just such a beautiful scene. 

One of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to it also served as the inspiration for Harry Potter. JK Rowling actually wrote most of Harry Potter in Edinburgh, Scotland. The city served as an inspiration for the characters names, locations and ideas. She worked famously inside the Elephant House. You can do a full walking tour and see all of the locations that inspired her!  

Glen Coe

This location is a beautiful and is in featured in multiple films. The name Glen Coe has a rich history such as the massacre of 4692. This site is also featured in other films such as Highlander starring Sean Connery. 

Film: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the Goblet Fire, Order of the Phoenix and Deathly Hallows Part II

Scene: This site served as the backdrop for Hagrid’s hut. The production team would come out and fully construct the house pumpkin patch and all! There was an inn nearby and if you visited during filming, you were able to glimpse the house in all its glory. 


Glenfinnan bridge serves as a working train route, originally built in 1898. An iconic landmark made even more iconic by Harry Potter.

Wow! If you are still with me at this point you are a true Harry Potter fan and I commend you! These are not all of the filming location for Harry Potter but it’s a good majority and is most of the iconic shots. If you decided to visit, make sure to comment below and let me know what you thought! 

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