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Visiting Disneyland Paris during Halloween

I love when it’s the holiday at the Disney Parks! It’s such a magical time and each park does its own version. Japan loves Easter I mean they really love Easter and go all out! Whereas the States love Christmas we just completely skip Thanksgiving at the parks now. Well Paris loves Halloween, and the park is amazing! 

They combine fall and Halloween and because Paris gets cold it not only looks like Halloween, but it feels like it too. I have to say this was one of the best Halloweens I have experienced at the parks! Let’s get to the good stuff and let you know what you should except!

queue scary music…

Disney never holds back on décor and Paris goes all out for Halloween. The minute you walk onto Main Street you are greeted by spooky ghost! The gazebo is decked out in gorgeous orange with a band of ghoul companions. While it’s not scary themed it still is 100% Halloween. The ghost where such a great touch but the witch streetlamps took the cake!

One of the most unique touches in the park is in the castle courtyard. There are huge thorny vines from the Sleeping Beauty movie and at Halloween time it’s such an eerie and perfect touch!

If you go to Disney and don’t watch a few shows, did you even go? The Disney Villains perform a “spooky show” where Ursula sings her Poor Unfortunate Souls…and its utter perfection! They also bring out the Mickey’s Illusion Manor Float that showcases the zombies of Phantom Manor!

The Villain night parade is the best! So many rare villains that you normally don’t see make an appearance.


If you love the Villains, this is a great time to see them in all their glory! I have learned that as I am getting older, I really relate to them so much more…I get them, ya know? You can see Cruella, Ursula, Pain and Panic and so many more! 

What is a trip to Disneyland without eating some amazing treats?! From themed Halloween churros to Villain cookies and spooky cakes there is something for everyone. Make sure to go hungry so you have room to indulge on all the goodies…remember calories don’t count at Disney.

Like in the States, they do have an additional themed Halloween Party. It only runs for a couple of days but is worth it if you can go. The Villains take over the park and wreak havoc with some other surprises!  Perk is that you can still go on rides and lines are significantly shorter during the party! 

 If you love Halloween, then you need to celebrate it at Disneyland Paris! There is so much to see and do. From the unique shows, rare character encounters and all the treats, you will not leave disappointed!

Have you ever celebrated Halloween at Disneyland Paris? Drop a comment below and let me know about your experience or if you are dying to go!

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