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Top 5 Restaurants: Disneyland Paris

Paris is known for having some of the best food in the world, and Disneyland Paris takes their cuisine seriously. From amazingly themed restaurant to fine dining there is something here that everyone can enjoy. While at the park you want to make sure you enjoy the dining and the attention to detail in their themed restaurants. 

Alright well strap your feeding bags on, we’re about to dive into foodie’s heaven!

Coming in at number one is Walt’s restaurant which is located on Main Street. This is a true fine dining experience with gorgeous interiors, and it focuses heavily on the main man – Walt Disney. Many have compared this restaurant to Club 33 in terms of quality. It’s known as the best restaurant in all of Disneyland Paris. 

There are multiple dining rooms that are all themed. They have Fantasyland, Frontierland, Discoveryland, Adventureland, Disneyland Hotel and Grand Canyon Room. Here you are encouraged to partake in their three-course menu. 

Appetizers include items from cream soup, foie gras, tartare of crab and more. You can opt for a heavier entrée such as burger or a steak. My favorite is dessert where you can experience crème brûlée, mini macaroons or chocolate fondant!

If you love Ratatouille, then you will love this restaurant as its themed all-around Remy. The dining room is heavily themed! The booths have plate backs, and the idea is that you are the size of Remy the rat. All the décor is human items such as forks but WAY bigger, making it not only a fun restaurant but interesting as well. 

They have a few different tiered menus from a higher tier that has a starter, entrée, dessert, and a drink. You can select a less expensive menu that includes starter, entrée and dessert or order al carte. I opted for the full experience and went all out with the Gusteau Menu. I really loved my fish dish it was a white fish with an amazing sauce. 

Formerly known as Blue Bayou this restaurant is inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Its superbly decorated and has such an enjoyable atmosphere. The dining at The Blue Bayou is similar but the menu for Captain Jacks’s elevates the experience.

They have some fantastic drinks here, I had one that came in a keepsake coconut! It’s a fine dining experience offering a three-course option which is the way to go. You can experience the whole menu and if you have the meal plan, it’s significantly cheaper that way!

This is one of my favorite restaurants for theme alone as it looks like the back of a bazaar. It’s so perfect with the stained-glass windows. You will really want to spend time here just looking at all the details. Make sure you also explore the whole Agrabah area as its truly one of the best themed areas in the park! 

This is a buffet style restaurant but one of the better buffets, with TONS of options. They have a lot of exotic dishes like Tusker House and Boma at Walt Disney World. They even have a gyro station; I mean come on that’s just amazing! Their desserts are also killer, you have to try the baklava!

You can find this restaurant in Fantasyland, and it’s based on The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. It’s an amazingly decorated restaurant with great food!  It’s counter service making it a great stop if you don’t have time for a table service restaurant. 

They are known for their fish and chips which are superb! They also have vegetarian options such as veggie burger and salads. 

Hungry now?? I sure am and really could go for some crème brûlée! If you are planning a trip to Disneyland Paris these five are some of the restaurants you will want to eat at!

Make sure to drop a comment below if you try any of my recommendations and how your experience went!  

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