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Top Ten Rides: Disneyland Paris

One thing I love is that no Disney Park is the same. I have been to every Disney Park (except Hong Kong) and I can say each had its own unique rides! Paris had some very cool rides that are not at other parks that you need to make sure to go on! 

I won’t waste any time lets get to the good stuff!

Now this ride is not unique to Paris as it’s at the other parks BUT the kicker here is that you go under the island! You start in Frontierland and then you go underground to end up on a separate island. It’s just the coolest thing! It’s a fast rollercoaster and is one you can ride over and over. Be forewarned, this ride does break down often and lines can get very long! I would utilize a fast pass here or go here during the early admission hour. 

This is one of the best themed rides and its somewhat like Space Mountain. It’s a fast-moving roller coaster that is completely in the dark! What makes it stand out is it’s unique when compared to the traditional space mountain ride. For one you have a harness instead of lap bar, and it has TONS of turns and twist. It’s intense so if you don’t care for rides like that, I would skip this one. 

A take on Haunted Mansion but it’s got a twist that sets it apart from the original. I prefer this ride and it’s really a must do! It’s even fun waiting in line with all the interactive décor.

Okay this ride is just so freaking cool! You are in a trackless cart and view the ride from Remy’s perspective. You will follow Remy while he races through the kitchen. It’s hard to put into words how fun it is but trust me you do not want to miss out on this one. 

For this ride you want to use a fast pass as the line can be insane and its prone to breakdowns. You will be put inside a shell and raced all around. It’s an indoor coaster but the effects are what make it so superb! 

This ride is a true blast to the freakin’ past. I felt like I was back in the 90’s and loved every minute of it! The point of the ride is to “ride the music”, so there is a whole pre-show that helps you embrace the whole ride. While you wait in line, they play rock music of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. 

A twist on the traditional Indiana Jones rides at the other parks. This one features an outdoor roller coaster section! It went under refurbishments in 2018 and some new cool features were added. 

 If you grew up in the 90’s you most likely had one of those RC car tracks featured in Toy Story. This ride is so unique while not as thrill worthy as the other coasters it’s still so much fun. You basically are put on the RC track and dropped back and forth!

I love all the Pirates of the Caribbean rides while this isn’t my favorite out there its worth a ride. It’s like the other rides in the sense that you will be taken on a boat and find Captain Jack Sparrow.  

While not a ride, it’s a walk-through attraction but it’s worth doing. It’s fun and interactive as you will see the Queen of Hearts and can even climb the castle for some great views of the park. 

This is really a short list of the top ten rides and attractions that are at Disneyland Paris and Walt Studios. I would try to spend a couple of days so you can really experience all the parks have to offer! 

Make sure to drop a comment below and let me know your favorite ride or one you wish was at a park near you!

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