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5 Tips for Visiting Versailles

Let them eat cake!

Sound familiar? This phrase was made famous by Marie Antoinette as a response to the people of Paris having no bread. Now I won’t get off topic here as that’s a seriously historically argued fact whether she said it or not. (Sorry, the historian in me wants to give you a full thesis but I will contain myself!) You are here to learn my top 5 tips for visiting Versailles. 

Now I bring up Marie Antoinette because she was the last ruling Queen of France who lived in Versailles. After her execution along with her husband Louis XVI in 1793 there has never been another monarch in France. Versailles has a long history and was later turned into a museum which is how it stands today. It’s truly one of the most luxurious palaces in the world and over 10 million people visit each year! Marie Antoinette added many structures that are some of the most interesting to see and visit while there. Alright students let’s dive on in on the 5 tips for visiting Versailles. 


Now you will be told that going to Versailles is a day trip from Paris. I am here to say no to that! I hate advising people to rush through destinations you miss out on so much. While I understand trying to cram as much as you can into one trip, rushed isn’t always better. Seeing it in one day for sake of time, you will miss out on some amazing things!  

I am going to say something probably unpopular but here we go. The Gardens are my favorite part of the Palace and deserve a full day! Now when you go to the Palace of Versailles you can book your tickets for the Garden and Palace or just the Gardens. I would spend one day in the Palace because it is amazing to see, but I wouldn’t rush through the gardens or the grounds. Outside of the Palace is Marie Antoinette’s estate and Trianon Palaces as well as the gardens! That alone will be all day and you will still be moving quickly. For a full breakdown check out my post on a successful trip visiting the Palace of Versailles and Gardens

Versailles borders the countryside as its twelve miles outside of Paris. They have over five amazing outdoor market with fresh and local products. One of the best to visit is the Halles Notre-Dame as this one has the most food stand options!

If you want to eat like the old monarchs who lived in Versailles this is the place to do it! Located inside of the Waldorf Astoria this two Michelin star restaurant is arguably one of the best in the country! Prices are high, but if you are looking to splurge this is it! If budget is too tight, Ramsay has a second restaurant La Veranda which is right outside of the Palace and worth a visit! 

Now I have never done this, but it is one of the top things on my bucket list! Every year they host a Masquerade ball inside of the palace. You MUST dress up in a time piece costume and I mean it seriously looks like one of the coolest things. Imagine walking through the Palace in 17th century outfits while dancing and drinking the night away? It sells out very fast, so if you want to go this is something you want to book as soon as you can! 

Versailles is such an amazing destination and deserves to be more than a day trip from Paris. Use these 5 tips when visiting Versailles, it won’t disappoint!

Make sure to drop a comment below and tell me if you have ever been to Versailles and how your experience was! 

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