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Five Star Dining Michelangelo

If you are in the South of France, you MUST and I repeat you MUST eat at Michelangelo. Located in Old Antibes this was a highlight of my trip! The genius behind the food is Chef Mamo. He takes Italian and French cuisine and makes absolute magic. 

It has a cult following with celebrities from all over coming just to have dinner. The location is perfect, and the restaurant is the best in Old Antibes. The building was once an old wine cellar from the Domaine Ott Vineyard. Now it’s a five-star dining experience! 

Some things to know before you go is make sure you make a reservation! This is so crucial, with this being such a popular spot you need to make reservations in advance to ensure a table. 

Expect dinner to be a marathon not a sprint! Europe is known for very LONG mealtimes and Michelangelo is no exception. Here you will be wined and dined and then wined some more. 

About that wine, drink some, hell drink a couple of bottles! To date I had the best bottle of white wine here, and it was life changing. I wish I would have written the name down or taken a picture, but I just forgot (the buzz may have contributed to that… #badblogger). 

Make sure you order a starter, an entrée, AND a dessert. I know budget is crucial but if you are going to eat here then you need to eat here. By that I mean have the full dining experience and indulge, your stomach will thank you!

Dress up! I don’t care if you hate it, this is a yacht town so get cute! Honestly it makes the experience so much more fun, and no you don’t need a ball gown. Just a nice dress and some wedges, don’t wear heels that cobblestone will kill you! 

Most importantly have a good time, food is such an integral part of travel. At mamo’s you get the best of Italian and French while in the Mediterranean. Eat up and drink lots and you will have a good time…I promise!

Drop a comment below if you have ever been to Michelangelo’s and if so, what did you think!

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