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Dining at Castle Restaurant

I love to eat! I mean it’s one of my favorite things to do. When I travel, I go out of my way to have amazing dining experiences. I had an amazing stay at Schlosshotel Kronberg and decided to try their famous six course meal in their Castle Restaurant! Now let me say this place was very fancy. Dressing up is a requirement, but so worth it! 

Now get ready for some food porn I am about to break down all six courses!

Once we were seated, they brought us sparkling water, the wine list, and a palette cleanser. A palette cleanser is basically lemon sorbet, and it gets your mouth ready for all the amazing flavors. The best part is they tell you what wine will go best with each dish. 

Our first course was a beet salad with pumpkin, and it sounds so simple, right? Wrong! It was so flavorful and fresh, I was obsessed!

Next was my personal favorite which was scallops in some cream sauce with a bread crisp. I know that’s probably not the proper name but that was the basis of the dish. I really loved the bread crisp, and the scallops were cooked to perfection!

Another cream-based dish, they do use a lot of sauces which I personally love but heads up if that’s not your thing. It was jumbo shrimp with a zucchini pasta at the bottom. 

A flounder fish seared with the skin on. OMG that fish was heavenly! The seared skin was the perfect touch, and the fish itself was still flaky. I also loved the corn mixture that it was on top of. Again, I am not a chef, so I do not remember exact names! 

Then came dessert which is always my favorite! It was a vanilla almond ice cream and a lemon méringue. It had brownie crumble and was amazing, so I naturally ate all of it! 

By this point even though the portions were small I was so full! I powered through for that cheese cart! There is no way on God’s green earth I will pass up cheese when given the opportunity.

Overall, it was an amazing experience dining at Schlosshotel Kronberg  and one I highly recommend! You will be stuffed but so happy you indulged. Make sure to have the coffee it’s amazing! 

Comment below if you have ever had a six-course dinner and if you would do it again!


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