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5 Tips for Best Photos at the Dark Hedges

If you are a Game of Thrones fan than you know the iconic shot of the Dark Hedges. The Dark Hedges are just outside of Belfast in Northern Ireland. It is featured in Season 2 Episode 1 as King’s Landing Road. It was how Ayra and Gendry made their epic escape to the Wall! Not only is it famous for its feature in GOT but it is considered to be haunted!

That’s right, the legend goes that a ghost called the Grey Lady haunts the road by travelling from tree to tree. The story of her death is tragic and due to this she is unable to move on.

 Reminds me of something you would see in a Supernatural episode. 

Regardless of how you have heard or know about it, it’s a HUGE tourist attraction and getting a good photo is difficult! If you follow these five tips it will seriously strength your odds of getting that insta worthy photo!

If you have the luxury of renting a car, make this your first stop of the day. Get there right as the sun is rising and you will most likely be the only one there. This will guarantee an empty photo and give you time to take multiple shots. 

What makes a good shot here is angles! Try from up high or from below and think creatively! Try to get a unique shot or at least edit it uniquely later. If you look at the shots below the one on the left shows the landscape and the one on the right makes you feel like you’re truly in a forest of trees. The one on the right is much more dynamic and draws the viewer in.

This location has LOTS of shadows so lighting will be important here. While a cloudy day is normally great too little or too much light will make editing a nightmare. First morning and evening light will be the best. 

This location a dynamic outfit can really step the level of the photo up! A flowy dress or flowy coat can really add another layer to the image.

Often when you are trying to get the “perfect” Instagram photo you overthink it. Have a plan but be flexible with it and you will come away with an insta-worthy photo. 

Make sure to drop a comment below if you have visited the Dark Hedges!

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