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Guided Tours in Ireland

When you are planning a big trip to Ireland a big factor will be do you or do you not use tour companies. I have done both and have to say that in some scenarios having a guided tour is really beneficial! I know it can seem “touristy” or you think you will be slowed down but remember you are a tourist and going slow isn’t always a bad thing. 

Here are five reasons why you should consider guided tours in Ireland.

Depending on the type of tour you book you will be given special access that the general public will not have. If a location can sell out of tickets, you are guaranteed entrance even on busy days. You can also find themed tours such as the Game of Thrones tour. Highly recommend by the way!

Even though I consider myself a well-rounded individual no one knows everything. Having a tour guide you can learn some really interesting facts about a destination. I have heard some great local tales from tour guides that would have taken hours to find on Google. One great example was when I visited Blarney Castle. I had no idea about some of the legends and it was interesting to learn more from someone who specialized in that information. 

When you are exploring a country for the first time it can be really stressful. It’s so helpful to be able to travel without worry. Sit back and relax and let your tour guide worry about the transportation to and from. I can get really anal with timelines and being on a tour I can really just let it go. (yes, that was 100% a Disney reference) Ireland also has narrow roads and weather can make them worst. Having someone drive you through can take some of that stress off. 

If you are solo traveling through Ireland this is a great way to meet people. I made friends with another solo female traveler and we were able to explore together. This was great because although I love solo travel having a companion sometimes can be really fun! 

I took a Game of Thrones tour and was able to see the Giant’s Causeway along with tons of others amazing sites! This was really awesome because getting to the Giant’s Causeway, if that’s all I was going to see would have been difficult. Being able to combine multiple stops helped me see more of the countryside. If you really like something you can always go back and see if later and at your own pace. 

I am a big fan of guided tours especially in certain destinations. While I love exploring Ireland at my own pace certain activities I am so thankful that I booked a tour. 

What are you thoughts on guided tours? Make sure to drop a comment below and let me know!

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