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Film Locations | Game of Thrones Edition

Winter is coming…

If you don’t know that opening line, we cannot be friends! Just kidding…kind of, but I am obsessed with the Game of Thrones franchise. Now let me defend my love I am an OLD fan, I read the books and started watching the series when it first premiered. 

I will say I am disappointed with the ending of the series, but the first few seasons are still amazing. When I re-watch the series I just stop around season six and stay ignorant. 

By now you can see what a serious fan I am so it should be no surprise that I have visited a few of the film locations for Game of Thrones. I wanted to do a guide of the shooting locations in Ireland so this will not be ALL the locations but a good majority. The best way to see the sites and get great information is by booking one of the Game of Thrones Tours. You can read about my full experience with the company here.

Alright lets get started with the filming locations!

Most of the filming of the show took place in Northern Ireland. One of the main reasons is the diverse landscape and the second is the filming incentive. This is basically a tax break that the film and tv productions can take advantage of by filming in a certain place. 

Titanic Studios

This studio is located in Belfast, and this is where A LOT of the filming has gone on. 

Season: 1 – 8  

Scene: The Titanic Studios is the filming location of many different scenes. One of the most notable scenes filmed inside was Kings Landing. It took them over six months to build the set and it was one of their most elaborate sets they ever did inside. 

Tollymore Forest

Tollymore Forest is the location of many different scenes in the show starting back in season 1. Not only is it important for the franchise but it’s also gorgeous to see! You want to spend at least three hours here so you can really take it all in. 

Season: 1

Scene: Altavaddy Bridge is where the Starks discovered the Direwolf puppies in Season 1.  

Near Rustic Bridge was where Tyrion and Jon had their campfire on the way to the wall in Season 1. 

By the Stepping Stones is the Wildling Pit featured in the first episode. This is where the white walkers had killed the wildlings and left them dismembered.  

Old Castle Ward 

Old Castle Ward is a 16th century castle and serves as Winterfell in season 1. Fun fact – you can actually meet the dogs who play the Direwolves in the show. 

Inch Abbey

A 12th century Cistercian Abbey that is now a ruin. This is a great site to visit not only for the show but just to see for the history. 

Season: 2 

Scene: This is where Robb Starks bannermen pledged their loyalty to him as the King in the North. 

Cushendun Caves

This is such a beautiful destination to see in person. You will be right on the ocean in Knocknacarry so make sure to time your visit right, so the cave isn’t filled with too much water.  

Season: 2 (episode 4 )  

Scene: Honestly one of the creepiest episodes of the season this cave is where Melisandre gave birth to a shadow demon. 


Known as a sea town and home to a picture worthy harbor. 

Season: 6 (episode 7)  

Scene: Remember when Ayra is stabbed and then crawls out of the river? Well, this harbor is where she makes her fight for life as she crawls out of the water. Fun fact is the stabbing was filmed in Spain and her coming out of the water was filmed in Ireland. 

Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge

First this is a really scary experience if you hate heights! Its 96 feet up in the air and it’s a good distance to walk but the view on the other side is magical.

Season: 6 (episode 2)  

Scene: This is where Euron Greyjoy murders Balon Greyjoy. He stabs him and then throws his body over the side. 

Larrybane Chalk Quarry

There isn’t much to see here but its right next to the bridge so you can kill two birds one stone. 

Season: 2 (episode 3) and season 6 (episode 5)

Scene: Two big scenes were filmed here, the first was when Catelyn brings news to Renly and Margaery about the rebellion. The next was the Iron Islands Kingsmoot. 

Ballintoy Harbour

This location was used as the Iron Islands and was used in multiple scenes.   

Season: 2 (episode 2,3) and Season 6 episode 2  

Scene: The most notable scene filmed her was Theon’s baptisms back into the faith of the drowned gods.


This is such a beautiful example of how gorgeous the Irish countryside is. Spend some time exploring around but wear proper footwear. 

Season: 1 (episode 1)  

Scene: This is the exterior shot for Winterfell and is literally the first scene we have of the city. 

If you are still with me, you are a real GOT fan! I know that was a lot of locations but honestly there are TONS more. These are some of the more iconic film locations for Game of Thrones and ones that are easy to get to or tour companies visit. If you decided to visit, make sure to comment below and let me know what you thought! 

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