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Harry Potter Walking Tour

This post is for all my wizards, witches, and muggles alike! If you didn’t know many of the ideas for Harry Potter came to J.K. Rowling while in Scotland! Many of the beloved character names, scene ideas and concepts came from her time spent there. One of the best things you can do is take the FREE Harry Potter Walking Tour. That’s right the tour is completely free! Be sure to leave a tip at the end because the tour guides aren’t paid to give the tour. 

You can book directly online. I absolutely loved using this company for the free tour. It was extremely informative, and the group had a fun energy and vibe. My tour guide was Becky, and she was very passionate for Harry Potter and that translated so well! 

This tour is an hour and half long and the group size varies. Due to it being a free activity some tours will have a huge amount; others will be small. I went on a day that was rainy and my group was super small which was perfect! They will walk you through the cemetery where J.K. Rowling picked a lot of the main characters name. At first, I thought it would be disrespectful to traipse through a cemetery but in Europe its totally normal to spend time in cemeteries. 

The pace of the tour is perfect to take in all of the information. I never felt like we spent too much time in one spot or were overly rushed. If you love Harry Potter this is such a fun tour to do and actually see where most of the inspiration came from. My personal favorite was seeing the inspiration for Diagon Alley! They also will walk you by the elephant house which is where JK wrote most of the first book!

If you are spending time in Edinburgh I would 100% recommend doing this tour. First its free which is an amazing deal! Second you get a true look at the origin of how Harry Potter was created and where so many of the Ideas came from. 

Make sure to drop a comment below if you would do the Harry Potter walking tour!

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