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Visiting The Anne Frank House

In school you more than likely read Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. It was the sad story of a young girl’s experience living through the Holocaust. Her family hid in the attic of her father’s business and lived in hiding for two years! During this time Anne took to her diary to document her experience and what was going on. If you have the chance I 100% recommend reading the book its really so moving and documents such a dark piece of history.

 I will also mention this post will lack interior photos. It didn’t feel appropriate to be taking photos during such a somber experience.

During my visit to Amsterdam, I knew I had to see the Anne Frank House in person. The house has been turned in to a museum and you can walk through and see where she actually lived. It unbelievably moving and extremely emotional. If you do decide to visit which you should, here are some tips for your visit. 

This is an extremely popular attraction, and they sell out quickly! You can book your tickets up to two months in advance and this is the way to go. I saw so many people be denied entrance because they didn’t have tickets pre-purchased. Don’t make that mistake if this is something you want to do. 

When you book the tour, you do go in selected time slots. Booking a night slot is the best way to avoid the larger crowds. This was one of the best things we did when visiting was going at night instead of during the day. 

As I mentioned above this is a highly emotional experience. I noticed many people crying and that’s totally normal. To know eight people hid for their lives in this small space can really make you think. 

When you first get there, you will get a brief history on the whole Frank family and how they came to be in Amsterdam. You are then given a handheld device that will give you information on each area you go to. You can go at your own speed so make sure to listen to each prompt the information is so interesting. I learned so much that I had no idea about!

The stairs you climb are very steep and narrow so if small spaces bother you be prepared for that in certain areas. Once you are in the annex it all becomes “real” you see the room Anne shared with a man she didn’t know. You see how they tried to add personal touches by hanging magazines and postcards on the wall. It’s very unsettling to see all the hopes and dreams she had and to know her story ended in tragedy. 

After you finish the tour, they have a movie playing downstairs. This is something you want to stay and watch. Her father Otto is in the film, and he talks about his experience and learning the news about his family. 

I 100% recommend visiting the Anne Frank House when you are in Amsterdam. It’s a humbling and emotional experience that reminds you of the privileges we all have. To be able to travel from the US to the Netherlands to even see the museum was something Anne never had the chance to do.

I also ask that you are respectful when there, don’t take selfies or photograph in front of the exhibit. It’s totally fine to take pictures but don’t make it an Instagram shot remember this is a place of remembrance. 

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