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Top 5 Romantic Destinations in Europe

Europe is home to some of the most romantic places in the world! I mean, it’s hard to think of Paris and not think of some dramatic love scene from a movie.  I am going to embrace all the warm and fuzzy love feelings to share with you my top 5 most romantic destinations in Europe!

Not what you were probably expecting but here me out. Amsterdam is seriously so romantic, with all the canals, picturesque old buildings and boat rides. Taking a stroll for sunset can be breathtaking with the way the city lights up and reflects on the water. You can even take an evening boat ride or bike together through the city. I promise you this city will give you ALL the feels!

I mean this is a country filled with rolling hills, castles, and fairytale towns. Visiting in the fall is a great time to take a drive through the countryside and take in all the changing colors. The hills are literally orange and red, it’s unbelievable. Winter is home to the Christmas markets, where you can bundle up and be disgustingly cute with your favorite human.  Plus, if you really want to up the stakes stay the night in a castle! Yep, that’s a thing I did a stay at Schlosshotel Kronberg just outside of Frankfurt and I made myself sick with how cute and lovey it was. 

The Mediterranean coast is something out of this world and is a perfect summer spot for couples! Tan on the coast or charter a boat you will have the perfect backdrop for a couple’s trip. One of the most romantic restaurants is in Antibes at Michelangelo Mamo. It’s the cutest restaurant with some of the best food and wine…I mean it is France!  After an amazing meal you can catch a night ride on the Ferris Wheel, its seriously a perfect place for couples!

I love Scotland, it’s just magical especially when you are driving through the countryside. A road trip here can easily turn into the best romantic getaway. Pull over in a glen, take a picnic and just enjoy the amazing scenery that is Scotland. I mean Outlanders is based in Scotland, so enough said! 

I couldn’t leave Paris off the of my top 5 most romantic destinations in Europe, it is the city of love after all! The hype for it being a romantic city is so real, it’s a couple’s dream. Try and take a night trip up the Eiffel tower and watch it sparkle and I guarantee you will hear “can you feel the love tonight” …Disney soundtrack not included when there! All jokes aside it really is a romantic destination all couples should visit at least once! 

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