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Affordable Destinations

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Are you finally braving the world of travel but want to get the most bang for your buck? While all destinations offer their own unique highlights not all are affordable or accessible. African Safaris, trips to Bora Bora or booking a private yacht are not something everyone can afford. When I first started travel I booked cheaper trips to travel more often opposed to shorter more expensive trips.

Now I am a firm believer you can always do those once in a lifetime trips. It just may be something you really have to save up for. If you want to book a trip tomorrow these are the most affordable destinations to visit!


Bali holds such a special place in my heart! I lived here for a few months back in 2017 and loved every second. Bali is not only culturally diverse with so many activities but also very affordable. Hotels like Chillhouse offer inexpensive nights, free meals and work spaces. You can find tons of co-working spaces that with a low-price tag. I was even able to rent a small villa with my own private pool.

Bali hammock and rice fields

I always recommend Bali as a first destination to visit. Whether you go with a small or large budget, single or in a group there is something for you.

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Much of Southeast Asia is considered very friendly towards budget travelers. Thailand is one of my favorites in the region to visit. From amazing animal encounters to tropical paradise there is so much to see and do. Not only can you see and do so much, but you can truly live on a less than $10 American dollars a day. Affordable accommodations are galore, the street food I have had is some of the best and cheapest I have had!

girl with elephant

Another tropical paradise Costa Rica is one of the top places to visit on a budget.  From ziplining at volcanoes, watching sea turtles nest and riding horses through the forest there is an endless amount to do! One of my favorite destinations to date, I will always go back whenever I can. Hotels are very affordable here and you can visit multiple regions in a short amount of time.

girl zip lining and snorkeling

Go from the coast with some of the best surf to Tortuguero a protected National Park where you can watch the endangered Green Sea Turtles nest. Visit coffee farms and watch how chocolate is made. Truly this is a destination you will not be bored at and your wallet will thank you!

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If you want to visit Europe but are worried about how far your dollar will go, Prague is one of the best spots to visit. Located in Eastern Europe you will have access to so much culture. You can stay at four and five star accommodations that are less than a $100 a night. This is also an amazing place to visit during the Holidays.

prague castle

I spent the week of Christmas in Prague and immersed myself in Christmas Markets. It was like something out of a fairytale and something everyone needs to do once. You will also have easy access to so many other European cities. Just hop on a quick train ride and you can go to Budapest, Romania, or Austria.

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I hate that Mexico gets such a bad rep but truly its such an amazing destination. People will talk about safety but I have visited Mexico dozens of times and never felt unsafe. Like with any destination use common sense and stay in populated areas and you will be find. Mexico has tropical rainforests, wine regions and amazing coastline. One of the cheapest destinations you can visit with unparalleled views.

Some of the best food you can have and nicest locals. Truly give Mexico a chance and you won’t be disappointed. Plus you will save so much on your trip which means more taco money!

girl on rock and walking down hotel

Don’t let the myth that travel is reserved for the rich stop you.  No matter your price point travel is possible!

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