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How to get Photos while traveling Solo

One of my most asked questions is how do you get photos when traveling alone. There are so many ways to accomplish this and I am here to show you how to get that Instagram worthy shot all by yourself!

Let’s get into it!

The easiest way to accomplish solo photos is of course to have a tripod. Now a few disclaimers with this recommendation. First I would only advise doing this in non crowded areas where you can keep an eye on your camera and any other belongings. I tend to only use my large tripod for early morning shots. If there is an iconic landmark then I get there first thing setup and get my shots. This has proven to be the most effective way for me!

tripod, solo photos

Now for interior shots or if it’s a little more crowded and I still want the shot I use my handheld tripod. This way its small and doesn’t draw a ton of attention. When traveling solo you don’t want to flash all your expensive gear especially in a busy area. Using a smaller tripod will limit the type of photos you can accomplish but you will still be able to get some amazing shots!

solo photos, tripod

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When traveling alone, safety always comes first especially being a women. I have however had some of my favorite shots from strangers. A safe way to do this (to make sure someone doesn’t run off your camera) is to be mindful of who you are asking. If someone else is taking photos even in a group offer to take their photo and then ask them if they can do the same for you. Most people will be happy to do this!

ask a stranger, solo photos

Another way I have asked strangers in the past have been in group tours. That way you know you are going to see them again and it makes it a safer option to ask them to take the photo (or even asking the guide). People are generally very accommodating and willing to help the solo traveler.

Maybe taking a tripod is not the best option, or you are on a hike with no stranger in sight – how do you get the photo then? In this instance you want to use what is in your area. I have set my camera up with rocks, base of the tree, balancing on a fence, etc.

use your surroundings, solo photos

While this may limit the angles you want to get you will still be able to get the shot. Bonus it will force you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to think creatively.

Keep a wandering spirit my friends and thanks for following along!

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