Japan is a small island off of East Asia that is known as the land of The Rising Sun. Visiting this beautiful country is something everyone should do at least once. The culture, food, history and the things to do are endless! Spend time exploring temples, catch the cherry blossoms, or spend time shopping the crazy fashions in the Harajuku district. There really is something for everyone here! 


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Japanese is the national language and it’s important that you have an app that can translate.  Not all locals speak English, so it’s really important you have a way to communicate.

Language Spoken

Konnichiwa – Hello
Arigatou Gozaimasu – Thank you
Onegaishimasu – Please
Hai – Yes
Iie – No

words to know

Fushimi Inari Taisha
Featured in The Memoirs of Geisha

Shoshazan Engyo-ji Temple
Featured in The Last Samurai 

Hashima Island
Featured in Skyfall

Film Locations

Top 3 Hotels

This hotel in Tokyo draws in a younger demographic with its hipster and modern style. Its located right in the center of the Shibuya district and near the Harajuku street. Although a smaller hotel it has a small convenience store that serves beer, wine, and snacks. 

 The average price per night starts at $250 USD.

One of the oldest hotels in Tokyo that opened in 1890. This hotel has extremely close ties with the royal family and is known for its old-world sense of grandeur. Located right by Hibiya Park and the many shops and restaurants of upmarket Ginza. 

The average price per night starts at $400 USD. 

This hotel is inspired by a ryokan and is arguably the best hotel in Japan! The hotel sits on the Kamogawa River and has the best service in town. They have a large staff that is intent on making sure each guest is having the best possible time. Now this being one of the best hotels in Japan its really expensive!

The average price per night starts at $1,000 USD.

Imperial Hotel Tokyo 

Trunk Hotel 

The Ritz Carlton Kyoto 

My favorite historical figure from Japan is Shotoku Taishi. He is known as the “father figure” of the country. He is credited with bringing Japan out of historic times and lead the construction of the first Buddhist temples. Being the protector of their religion and writing the first constitution. He helped set Japan on the right path which is why he is still remembered over 1300 years later. 

Shotoku Taishi

Shotoku Taishi

Historical Figure

Travel Guide

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Popular dishes in Japan would be soba, ramen, tempura, sushi and mochi.

Known for their casual atmosphere and amazing food. Lines commonly can go over one hour. You can get some of the best Udon I have ever had here.

 Average price is $15 per person.

Udon Maruka 

The best place to have soba noodles in Tokyo (possibly all of Japan)! They are a Michelin star restaurant and have a small dining room. Making reservations in advance is crucial to guarantee yourself a spot.

Average dinner is $75 per person.

Ginza Soba Sasuga 

Known for taking home cooking and elevating it. They use clean and local products and all food is prepared fresh. They have one Michelin star and a huge following! Its one of the most popular places to eat in Tokyo.

Average price is $125 per person. 


Top 3 Restaurants

Norwegian Wood
by Haruki Murakami

After Dark
by Haruki Murakami

Memoirs of a Geisha
by Arthur Golden


Japan is on the A and B plug which is 100V and 50/60HZ. If you are from the US your plugs will work fine. If you are not you will need an adapter and convertor. I would recommend BESTEK Universal it works in multiple destinations and has USB ports. I have been using it for a while and love it! Now all my ladies out there you will need a DIFFERENT adapter for your curling irons and straighteners. I know its extra money but trust me! I have blown out a few curling irons, it’s worth the extra money and luggage space. Conair has the best adapter for pretty much every country. Check it out here.


One of the biggest misconceptions I heard was the Japanese are easily offend if you don’t know their culture. I would really disagree with this, what offends them is having no respect. As long as you try, they will give you credit they don’t except you to know everything. I asked so many times so I could learn and they are really willing to show you! 

Common Misconceptions

Japan is one of the cleanest and safest countries that I have been to. Traveling as a solo female is totally normal and you will feel very comfortable. For more information visit here.


If you can plan your visit when the cherry blossoms are blooming that is such a magical time to go. They bloom from mid-March to the beginning of April. Spring is really such a magical time to visit. 

When to Visit 

In Japan you don’t tip, it can actually be considered rude. Some locations will have you pay first.  

Travel Tip

Other Tips 

The official currency of Japan is the Yen. In larger cities almost all locations will take credit cards and you will have the ability to find an atm. In the smaller cites that can be limited so having cash is important. 

Local Currency


The best way to get around is by taking the subways or trains. It’s not only fast and convenient but very inexpensive. You do want to be mindful on trains as talking loudly is prohibited. You will notice most people sitting quietly reading or listening to their airpods. It is also the law that if an elder, pregnant woman, a disabled person or young child comes on board you must give up your seat if none are available. 


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Wifi is available at most locations for free but it will be limited. Depending on the length of your trip either add international to your plan or invest in a portable wifi. A company I use often is SkyRoam, they have very affordable rates!

One of the coolest things you can do is visit the Harajuku District. There is so much going on there and it’s a great way to see the younger Japanese culture. 

Unique Experiences 



kumano kodo trail

tokyo disneyland

Fushimi Inari Taisha

Mt. Fuji

6 Things you must do 


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6 things you must do

Film Locations

Unique Experiences

Top Restaurants

Top Hotels

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I have made tons of travel mistakes that were easily avoidable. Forgetting convertors, not packing properly, the list goes on. To make sure you avoid the same mistakes I have made I have complied a list of travel must haves. 

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