Antibes is a coastal town located in the South of France. It’s known as a resort destination where you can charter luxury yachts. It was founded as a Greek Colony known as Antipolis. During the 15th century it became a part of France by King Louis XI. Pablo Picasso visited the town and ended up creating tapestries and ceramics and left them for the municipality. This town is a great destination to explore while in the South of France. 


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French is the dominant language while few will speak English. It’s important however to not assume they speak English and to always ask first. 

Language Spoken

Bonjour – Hello
S’il vous plaît - Please
Parlez Vous Anglais – Do you speak English
Excusez Moi – Excuse me
Pardon – Sorry
Merci Beaucoup – Thanks you very much

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Hotel du Cap
Featured in Paris When it Sizzles

Port Vauban
Featured in Below Deck

Villa Heir
Featured in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

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Top 3 Hotels

Another gorgeous accommodation on the beach! It is on the outskirts of Antibes but has amazing Art Deco influences. It even has a monument to Fitzgerald! 

 The average price per night starts at €150.

This is a five-star hotel with a Michelin star restaurant on site. One of the coolest features is this hotel has a laid-back foyer. Head down and pour yourself a glass of sparkling water and look out at the ocean!

The average price per night starts at €250. 

Now if you want to live like a movie star this is the place to do it! Antibes is a part of the French Rivera meaning it can be very pricey. This hotel is no exception! It’s a 19th century mansion that is one of the most splendid hotels in the world! Most A-listers have stayed here and its known for its heated infinity pool, cabanas and five clay tennis courts! Overlooking the ocean, you need to be ready to drop a pretty penny.

The average price per night starts at €700.

cap d' antibes beach hotel

hotel belles rives

Hotel du cap eden roc

Although not originally from Antibes had a large impact on the area. During his six months stay he resided at the Grimaldi museum. After his stay in 1946 the museum was renamed in his honor. He left behind 23 paintings and 44 drawings.  

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso

Historical Figure

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Being a coastal town Antibes is known for its seafood and Italian influenced dishes. 

This establishment has been open since 1962 and is known for its seafood. They were made popular by their unique design and wide range of fresh seafood. 

Average meal per person is €40 .


Mamo is arguably the most known chef in the South of France. His restaurant host A-List celebrities from around the world. They are even featured on the menu. A blend of Mediterranean and Italian food this is one of the best places I have ever dined at!

Average meal per person is €70.

michelangelo mamo

A Michelin star restaurant that is known for its authentic cuisine. Located in Old Town Antibes you can enjoy a romantic and elegant atmosphere. 

Average meal per person is €125.

Le figuier de saint esprit

Top 3 Restaurants

The House of Mirth
by  Edith Wharton

The Garden of Eden
by Ernest Hemingway

Tender is the Night
by F Scott Fitzgerald 


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The French get a bad rep for being rude, and I would disagree with this. They are just big on respect and don’t respond to people assuming they speak English. When you are approaching someone ask first if they speak English, they will be more inclined to be polite and help you.

Common Misconceptions

Antibes is a smaller city and doesn’t experience too much crime. You will have the normal pick pockets and then be mindful of taxi rates. You want to set prices before to avoid overpaying. For more information click here.


Antibes is best to see in the summer! It will be busier but it’s a great time to sit on the beach and soak up the sun. 

When to Visit 

Make sure to bring a swimsuit it’s a beach city! 

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Other Tips 

Antibes being a city in France is a part of the EU and is on the Euro. Antibes is a decent size city and you will have no problem using credit cards or finding an ATM.

Local Currency


Walking is really the best way to get around the city. They also have a great public transportation system.


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Wifi is available at most locations for free but it will be limited. Depending on the length of your trip either add international to your plan or invest in a portable wifi. A company I use often is SkyRoam, they have very affordable rates!

Charter a luxury Yacht, if you have the budget that’s an amazing experience!

Unique Experiences 

fort carre

Garoupe Lighthouse

le nomade

musee d' archeolgie

Musee picasso


6 Things you must do 

6 things you must do

Film Locations

Unique Experiences

Top Restaurants

Top Hotels

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