Labuan Bajo

Located on the island of Flores which is in the Nusa Tenggara region. It’s about an hour flight to get from Bali to Labuan Bajo. It’s become well known for its amazing beaches and blue water. If you are looking for a good place to snorkel or dive this is it! Home to amazing sea life and coral reefs it’s such a magical and beautiful place to visit! 

Labuan Bajo,Indonesia

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The official language of the country is Indonesian. Depending on the region you are in that can be different. English is spoken by most especially in the tourist areas.  

Language Spoken

Hai – Hello
Selamat pagi – Good Morning
Ya – Yes
Tidak – No
Tolong – Help
Maaf – Sorry
Terima Kasih – Thank you
Apa Kabar – How are you

words to know

Tegallalang Rice Terraces
Featured in The Fall

Featured in Alex Cross

Featured in Eat Pray Love

Film Locations

Top 3 Hotels

One of the coolest hotels If you are looking for an extremely trendy and affordable accommodation this is for you! This hotel focuses on building friendships and community. They offer nightly activities such as movie night, thirsty Thursday and ladies night. You can book bunk style rooms or a traditional room.

Average room per night is $60.

This location is a luxury accommodation that is a traditional hotel style. Instead of villas this hotel is 192 guest rooms, but the resort is right on the ocean. They offer suites that have full panoramic views of the ocean! They have amazing pools, a spa and a jetty that walks right over the ocean. This is a great accommodation that puts you in the center of so many amazing activities.

Average room per night is $190.

Arguably the nicest resort in Labuan Bajo. This accommodation offers one of a kind villas that sit right on the ocean. Choose from a garden villa, exclusive beach front or a hanging pool villa! These rooms are all so unique and built with traditional Balinese touches. They also cater to wellness and have an onsite spa!

Average room per night starts at $230. 

Ayana Komodo Resort 

Le Pirate Hotel 

Plataran Komodo Resort & Spa 

Although she is not from Labuan Bajo her book “Eat Pray Love” is one of the most iconic references to Bali life. She wrote her own memoir in 2006 about her search to find herself. She left her husband due to being unhappy and after her divorce was final, she was off. She went from Italy (Eat) to India (Pray) and finally she ended her trip in Bali (Love). Her story has resonated with so many people, myself included and you will often hear people say they are visiting Bali because of her book or the movie with Julia Roberts. 

Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert

Historical Figure

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Some traditional Balinese dishes would be Satay which is strips of grilled meat on sticks. Banana pancakes are also a very popular item that most places will serve, and they are so amazing! Mie Goreng is a fried noddle dish that is also super cheap and local. 

An amazing Japanese restaurant that has great priced sushi! It’s great for a quick lunch or a casual dinner.

Average price is $15 per person

Happy Banana Komodo 

Located in the Plataran hotel this restaurant is seated right on the ocean. You will have amazing views with seafood and traditional Balinese dishes. This is a great spot whether you come for lunch or dinner.

Average price is $30 per person. 

Atlantis on the rock 

If you are looking for a fine dining experience this is the place for you! They serve authentic Italian food that is all homemade and locally sourced. With some of the best service in the city this place is really hard to beat.

Average price is $60 per person. 

Made in italy

Top 3 Restaurants

A House in Bali
by  Colin McPhee

Island of Demons
by Nigel Barley

Eat Pray Love
by Elizabeth Gilbert 


Labuan Bajo is on the C and F plug which is 230V and standard frequency is 50 HZ.  To avoid issues, you will need an adapter AND convertor! I would recommend BESTEK Universal it works in multiple destinations and has USB ports. I have been using it for a while and love it! Now all my ladies out there you will need a DIFFERENT adapter for your curling irons and straighteners. I know its extra money but trust me! I have blown out a few curling irons, it’s worth the extra money and luggage space. Conair has the best adapter for pretty much every country. Check it out here.


A big misconception is that its super expensive to go to Labuan Bajo. I have to say this can be a very affordable place to visit but it depends on how you LIKE to travel. If you want a five-star hotel and a driver with a private boat that’s going to cost A LOT. If you want to stay at a three-star hotel and do guided tours it can be very affordable and a great addition when visiting Bali. 

Common Misconceptions

Labuan Bajo is for the most part a very safe destination which is why so many solo females choose to travel there. You will want to watch for road safety as there really aren’t “traffic” laws. Keep your helmet on at all times because crashing on a motorbike does happen! For more information click here here.


The best time to visit especially if you are wanting to dive is June through September. The weather is really consistent but be mindful there will be WAY more people visiting during this time of year. 

When to Visit 

Labuan Bajo is a small island and I would recommend only booking a few days. That’s really all that’s really needed to explore. You want to spend time going out to Komodo or Padar. Once you have done those things heading back to the main island is a great option especially if you are crunched on time. 

Travel Tip

Other Tips 

The currency used in Labuan Bajo is the Indonesia Rupiah. While you can find locations that take card, cash is really king. ATM’s are not always available so having cash is a great idea.

Local Currency


The two best ways are walking and scooters. If you are in a tourist area you will be able to walk but you will 90% of the time need a scooter. You can rent your own or take a taxi scooter. Cars are an option, but you will find that they can be pricey. I only use cars when I have a lot of things with me such as suitcases. 


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Wifi is available at most locations for free but it will be limited. Depending on the length of your trip either add international to your plan or invest in a portable wifi. A company I use often is SkyRoam, they have very affordable rates!

One of the most amazing things you can do while in Labuan Bajo is to take an overnight boat tour. This is an island and the activities mostly consist of water sports. By staying a boat overnight, you can get to some amazing and gorgeous spots. You can snorkel, dive or just swim and I promise its magical! 

Unique Experiences 

Swim with mantas

Snorkel Rinca

Pink Beach

Cunca rami waterfall

Komodo national park

padar island

6 Things you must do 


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6 things you must do

Film Locations

Unique Experiences

Top Restaurants

Top Hotels

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I have made tons of travel mistakes that were easily avoidable. Forgetting convertors, not packing properly, the list goes on. To make sure you avoid the same mistakes I have made I have complied a list of travel must haves. 

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