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Ten Tips Disneyland Paris

Disney is a name that anyone around the world knows. Show a picture of Mickey Mouse and 9/10 people will know who he is. Disney has quite literally taken over the world which is a great thing in my opinion. I have been on a mission to visit EVERY single Disney Park around the world. 

If you find yourself in Paris, you must take at least a day to stop into the magical park! It has so many unique features you won’t find in other parks. You shouldn’t however expect it to be a direct copy of the other parks if you do you will be disappointed. It’s just different but still amazing, in its own way.  If you’re hooked…which you should be…keep reading for the ten things you need to know before your first visit. 

I know confusing right, but Disneyland Paris is not actually in the city of Paris. It’s in Chessy, France which is about 30 miles outside of Paris. You can get there by taxi, bus, or train but it can take over an hour depending on time of day.  

Yeah, this is a weird one but due to strict health laws, you cannot get refills on sugary drinks. If you are trying to eat late many of the restaurants close by 5:00pm, and the lines are LONG for the ones open later. You can bypass this by eating in the Disneyland Paris village which is cheaper and has tons of options. 

You can get to Disneyland Paris from Paris but it’s an hour train ride. Paris is also notorious for metro lines shutting down and taxis can be pricey. By staying on site even for a day you are going to be saving valuable park time. Check out my review of Newport Bay Club

Although its technically not allowed outside of smoke areas, its super common to see people smoking EVERYWHERE! It’s not an enforced rule and it’s such a common thing in Europe, 90% of people don’t mind. If you are allergic (like me) just be forewarned and plan accordingly. 

The themed restaurant here are top notch! You should have at least one meal at one you will not be disappointed! The themed Ratatouille restaurant “Bistrot Chez Remy” was my favorite! 

Like most parks when schools are out the parks can be busy, and Disneyland Paris is no different. If you can visit during non-school holidays, you will encounter hardly any lines! 

This parks castle is based on Sleeping Beauty and even has a dragon underneath! It’s the prettiest castle out of all the parks and it deserves a visit every day! You may see something special happen…just saying. 

I know you’re probably wanting to rock your athleisure, but that style is not common in Europe and it extends to the parks. You will get better service the nicer you are dressed and not be targeted by pick pockets. For more information check out this full article on what to wear

Paris is known for having unique and rare characters you won’t see at the stateside parks. Make time to see them and go earlier in the morning. They have had characters such as Berlioz and Toulouse – The Aristocats, Jessica Rabbit – who Framed Roger Rabbit, Shang from Mulan, Milo and Kida- Atlantis and Jim and B.E.N from Treasure Planet!

This Park has some amazing unique souvenirs and clothing. The shops are open an hour after the park closes. Do your shopping then and make sure to pick up some unique memorabilia! 

If you follow these ten tips your first trip to Disneyland Paris will be a complete success! If you visit or have been to the park, make sure to drop a comment below!

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