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Ten Tips For Visiting Oslo

Oslo is the beautiful capital of Norway. It is also one of the world’s five most expensive cities! (They aren’t lying about that, but more on that later!) These ten tips for visiting Oslo will help make your visit go smoothly, so let’s jump in shall we?! 

Oslo is an expensive city and if you don’t budget properly you can blow through money pretty quickly! Oslo was my first stop on a two-month trip, and I had a very strict budget and it was a life saver. Depending on how long you are there I recommend picking a few “big” items and then utilizing things like the Oslo City Pass and free museum days to save on the back end. Plan accordingly here and you will be okay!

While some cities public transportation can be more expensive than rideshare apps, that is not the case in Oslo. The airport is situated outside of the City Centre and the fastest and cheapest way in is using the Flytoget Airport Express train. Its only about 20-minute ride and the trains run every 10 to 20 minutes. Making it not only convenient but a great saver to your budget, the ticket cost 196 NOK or $22 USD. 

Get your tickets online here

While within the city you can use trains, trams, ferry, buses, and the metro system. For day trips you can utilize the Ferry to visit the islands. The buses and metro are great for getting around within the city. You will want to make sure to pick up a Ruter Electronic Card, you can load it with credits or buy a period ticket. The other alternative is to download the app, but if you have limited WIFI a physical card is a better option in case of no WIFI or a dead phone…both of which have happened to me. 

Oslo is home to some of my favorite museums in the world. To name a few are the Norwegian Folk Museum, The Viking Ship Museum, The National Museum, and Norway’s Resistance Museum. You could easily spend a full day at the Norwegian Folk Museum or the National Museum. Read more about how I recommend spending a short three days in Oslo, here!

As I mentioned Oslo is expensive like I can’t say it enough…one of the five most expensive cites in the world! Now that the concept is fully embedded, happy hour is not only great for cheaper alcohol but food as well. I ate a large breakfast each day at my hotel which was included in my hotel cost. Most days I even would take some pastries for snacks later, the hustle to travel is real, y’all. I then opted for a “poor man” lunch, aka McDonalds. Which by the way was WAY more expensive than back home. Happy hour is then ideal for dinner, you can load up on less expensive food and get affordable drinks. Happy hour times usually run around 5:00pm to 8:00pm so you can eat at a decent hour. 

Although I love luxury, I am a big believer of you can have anything but not everything. When budgeting for a city pick what is most important to you. A high-end accommodation, fine dining, private transportation? Then cut back in other areas so you don’t miss out on all the city has to offer.

Now for me, I will blow a whole budget on my accommodations. Before you disagree let me say a unique accommodation can make a great trip, unforgettable. While that may not apply to every destination, Oslo is an exception. The Grand Hotel Oslo is the #1 hotel in all of Norway with an abundance of history. A stay can be pricey but one night is well worth the experience. 

Hotel Review: Grand Hotel Oslo

Norway is known for its breathtaking Fjords and you would do yourself a disservice by missing them…like I did. I extremely regretted not making the day trip to the fjords. Some tour companies offer a boat ride to the Sognefjord and then a train ride on the Flam Railway. You will then make your way back to the city. Make sure you budget for this because you will not be disappointed. 

I know this was included in the tip for visiting museums but hear me out. If you don’t visit the Viking Museum, it’s like you didn’t even go to Norway…seriously its obligatory that you go. Plus, if you watched the show Vikings seeing the ships, they used to raid 11th century England is impressive. 

Some destinations are more ideal than others for solo females. Oslo is one of the great ones for a solo female. I felt completely safe the whole time, even when venturing around the city at night. Common sense still applies here, don’t get plastered at a bar alone, don’t flash money and always be aware of your surroundings. 

Oslo is a port city meaning its right on the water and the seafood is unbelievably fresh and tasty! Head down to the docks they have more casual dining or upscale depending on what you are looking for. Solsiden is a great restaurant to try and is right on the water! 

Oslo can get very cold and summer months stay in the 70’s. I visited in the fall and was cold a good majority of that time. Make sure to bring layers so you don’t overheat when going indoors. 

If you follow these 10 tips you will have an amazing trip to Oslo! Let me know if you use any of my recommendations by dropping a comment below!

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