Belfast has been the capital of Northern Ireland since its founding in 1921. Ireland was once whole but under British rule, and they have long fought for their independence. Many people don’t realize that Ireland is so newly independent or that they had a War of Independence from 1919 to 1921. When the Irish won the war one condition was leaving Northern Ireland apart of the UK. Even though they are one country they are split into two separate nations. Belfast is an amazing city that was made famous for building Titanic. When visiting this city there is really so much to see and do! 

Belfast, Ireland

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The official language is Irish but everyone also speaks English.  

Language Spoken

Dia duit (Hello)
Slán (Goodbye)
Sláinte (Cheers)
Le do thoil (Please)
Go raibh maith agat (Thank you)

words to know

Crumlin Road
Featured in Starred Up

Mount Stewart 
Featured in Dracula Untold

Titanic Studios
Featured in Game of Thrones 

Film Locations

Top 3 Hotels

This is one of the best locations you could be in. You will be next door to the famous Crown Bar and a short walk from the city centre. The rooms are good size and they have a great onsite restaurant. You won’t find a gym or spa here, but the price is great and you have a prime location.

 Average room per night is £100.

Built in 1876 this hotel sits on 12 acres of gardens. You can still easily get to the city centre by taking a 15-minute train. This accommodation is unbelievably gorgeous with the original marble fireplaces, drawing rooms, sweeping staircases and a brick exterior. They have amazing onsite dining and offer an afternoon tea. This is a great place to come for a relaxing weekend, make sure to visit the spa or walk the grounds!

Average room per night is £165.

This is the most luxurious hotel in the city! It was built in 1860 and is located within a ten-minute walk from the city centre. The rooms are uniquely designed and pay homage to the original design. The service is second to none as are the amenities. They have a spa, rooftop gym, sauna and steam room and an amazing restaurant on site.

Average room per night is £230. 

The Culloden Estate & Spa

Europa Hotel

The Merchant Hotel

Born in Belfast in 1842 he became known for his innovative mind. He studied fluid dynamics and how heat is transferred from solids and fluids. He was an amazing engineer and physic and “his best work was in hydraulics and hydrodynamics.”

Osborne Reynolds

Osborne Reynolds

Historical Figure

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Ireland is famous for its Fish and Chips and a pint of beer. While in town you have to hit a pub get a pint and a basket of some good ole fish and chips.

A trip to Ireland is not complete without fish and chips! Seriously you cannot leave without at least having ONE round. One of the best and cheapest spots in town this place has been open since 1914 and does not disappoint.

 Average meal per person is £10.

john longs

One of the coolest restaurants in the city, it was once a Victorian stable that has been restored. Its also the only microbrewery in town, with an amazing seasonal menu.

Average meal per person is £30.

mollys yard

Opened in 2013 it has become one of the best restaurants in the city. Its an intimate restaurant that only seats 40 people. Here you can except high quality food and drinks with amazing service!

Six course menu starts at £60 per person.


Top 3 Restaurants

Belfast Noir
by Adrian McKinty

The Ghosts of Belfast
by Stuart Neville

Belfast Diary
by John Conroy


Belfast is on the standard three-pronged G socket like the rest of the UK. It is a standard voltage of 230V and standard frequency is 50Hz. To avoid issues, you will need an adapter AND convertor! I would recommend BESTEK Universal it works in multiple destinations and has USB ports. I have been using it for a while and love it! Now all my ladies out there you will need a DIFFERENT adapter for your curling irons and straighteners. I know its extra money but trust me! I have blown out a few curling irons, it’s worth the extra money and luggage space. Conair has the best adapter for pretty much every country. Check it out here.


That Ireland is one country and that is actually incorrect. Ireland is split into two which is not popular with most Irish locals. Tip here don't speak on that topic with locals as they will feel passionately about. If you aren't from there its not something you can fully grasp so be respectful. Now with Northern Ireland that is apart of the UK meaning you need pounds. If you want to cross into the Republic of Ireland it is considered a different country so you can't drive a rental across and you do have to show your passport on the train. Once in the Republic of Ireland you will be on the Euro. 

Common Misconceptions

Belfast is a really safe city as crime is low and I felt very comfortable as a solo female traveler. Be cautious at night in pub areas due to excessive drinking. Most people are find but you can see people get overly rowdy. If alone make sure to not drink too much and head back at a reasonable hour and call a car if needed. For more information click here.


If you visit during June to early September the days are extended meaning you have sun longer to stay outside and explore. The weather also tends to be much better during this time meaning less rain but more people.

When to Visit 

Dress in layers, the saying four seasons in a day is so true in Ireland! It would go from cold to hot, then wet from the rain and then dry again. Layers are a life saver in this type of climate.   

Travel Tip

Other Tips 

Belfast is a part of the UK meaning they are not on the Euro but the Pound. Due to Belfast being a large city you will have no problem using credit cards or finding an ATM. 

Local Currency


If you are staying in the city walking or the train is your best bet. If you want to go out and explore renting a car is really easy to do and a great way to explore the countryside. 


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Wifi is available at most locations for free but it will be limited. Depending on the length of your trip either add international to your plan or invest in a portable wifi. A company I use often is SkyRoam, they have very affordable rates!

Make sure you visit the Titanic Museum! It’s such a cool exhibit that has so much to see and do. There is even a ride inside, seriously the coolest museum I have been to. Plus, you will learn so much history and see how and where the ship was built. For a cool bonus make sure to book high tea. Its modeled after the tea the first-class passengers would have been served. 

Unique Experiences 

Belfast Castle

Crown Bar

Game of thrones tour

botanic gardens

City Hall

Titanic Museum

6 Things you must do 

6 things you must do

Film Locations

Unique Experiences

Top Restaurants

Top Hotels

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